One of the most dramatic changes to our lives is the shift from studio-based broadcast to outside broadcast. The impact on viewership is evident, given that more individuals are being reached. As the name implies, Outside Broadcast (OB) is the broadcast of any television or radio program from a location other than the normal setting.

In Africa, Outside Broadcast (OB) vans have experienced a surge in demand at an unmatched level. As the broadcast landscape changes, there is an uptick in demand. The broadcast industry was caught off guard during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some of them responded rapidly to the changes caused by social distancing. By deploying state-of-the-art Outside Broadcast Vans, they facilitated real-time reporting.

Today, there is a high demand for cutting-edge OB vans for live events, sporting events, and cultural exhibitions. In this in-depth guide, we will explore the top five leading African companies that provide OB vans, which ensure top-notch broadcasts from any location.

Broadcast Solutions Africa: Ground-breaking Innovation

In the African outside broadcast van (OB van) market, Broadcast Solution Africa is a leading player. This organization is widely known for excellent solutions to broadcasting services across the continent. By having an unassailable standing for innovation, it has etched its name among the top African companies to get an Outside Broadcast van. It has built an impeccable reputation for creativity and dependability. It ensures accurate and exact details of live news with its fleet of advanced OB vans.

Broadcast Solutions Africa is proudly devoted to providing live events or news stories as they happen. Each van is custom-built, carrying its sophisticated camera, vision control, sound and vision mixers, etc. This sophistication caters to the needs of its client base. Whether it’s for entertainment shows, athletic events, or news coverage, Broadcast Solutions Africa has vans that are highly reliable for long-term and short-term use.

MultiChoice Group: A Blend of Quality and Affordability

In Africa, MultiChoice Group has made a footprint as a top entertainment platform. It provides a variety of goods and services and has grown its ecosystem by utilizing its platform. Using Outside Broadcast vans for its services ensures smooth and efficient broadcasting during live events and coverage. The broadcast vans, in particular, are based on scalable technology.

MultiChoice Group has strategically positioned itself as an option for both established and up-and-coming broadcasters, positioning itself as Africa’s premier entertainment platform.

One of its subsidiaries, SuperSport, is Africa’s top sports broadcaster. It provides Pay-TV customers in sub-Saharan Africa for both domestic and international audiences. Using its Outside Broadcast vans, it reaches a wide range of customers.

Multichoice Group’s fleet of OB vans is designed to meet the needs of a diverse audience. These needs range from broadcasting live coverage of football matches, wrestling, table tennis tournaments, etc. They also capture live performances, music awards, and political rallies and speeches. Its commitment to providing dependable Outside Broadcast vans has made it undoubtedly a go-to provider of OB vans in Africa.

Nigerian Television Authority

Nigerian Television Authority has made a name for itself in Nigeria. As a dependable, reasonably priced, and well-regarded company owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria, it provides broadcasters looking for outside broadcast vans in Africa with end-to-end solutions. Delivering diverse services, including technical assistance, equipment leasing, and logistics management, enhances broadcast efficiency for its customers.

The company ensures the delivery of the best broadcasts possible by carefully equipping its fleet of outside broadcast vans with state-of-the-art equipment. NTA surpasses technical excellence. With its team of brilliant professionals, it is a one-stop shop for individuals looking for a stress-free and perfect broadcasting experience.  

Telemedia Broadcasting: Bridging Connectivity Gaps

Telemedia Broadcasting perfectly fits the needs of broadcasters. It is unique for allowing cost and delivery time compression. By prioritizing quality, it fills the connectivity gaps in difficult-to-reach places. The company specializes in offering outside broadcast vans with advanced technology. These state-of-the-art systems transmit news as they happen where they are, including from locations with inadequate infrastructure.

As a fully-fledged Outside Broadcast equipment company, Telemedia is dedicated to unreachable areas. By combining the latest technologies, it guarantees a reliable connection even in the most remote places. Its state-of-the-art equipment makes it one of the leading broadcast van providers in Africa. Telemedia has a reputation for supplying high-quality professional service.

AGCMediaPulse: Tailored Solutions for Africa

AGCMediaPulse has become well-known for its reliability. By taking a customized strategy to address the various broadcasting needs of the African continent, AGCMediaPulse sets itself apart. This business takes pride in its capacity to offer specialized solutions, making sure that every outside broadcast van is made especially to meet the region’s particular needs and challenges.

AGCMediaPulse vans are built to thrive in diverse situations. The company is unique in offering an in-depth broadcasting experience that reflects the diversity of cultures. You can contact AGCMediaPulse by visiting their website on or email them on

With live broadcasting evolving every day, the role of outside broadcasting vans cannot be over-emphasized. Outside broadcast van demand is rising rapidly as the media landscape continues to change. While many may argue that mobile phone cameras are replacing outside broadcasts, we see that OB vans are becoming more sophisticated.

These five leading OB companies highlighted in this article have different skills which efficiently meet the various needs of broadcasters around the continent. They will remain in a strong position to influence how outside broadcasting develops in Africa as long as technology continues to progress and the sector grows.